About MultiCloudBackup

Everything began in 2013 after losing important documents. I started looking for a backup solution. There were many, but none really suited me.
I wanted backups off-site via the Internet and locally-encrypted. And I had a Dropbox account with free space I wanted to use. All free, without having to give my personal information to a third party.

It was from that moment that I began MultiCloudBackup during my free time. At first it was only a command line application. But then I built a GUI around it.

This project allows me to work on subjects and frameworks that my full-time job does not allow me.

Leading to a result that I found satisfying (it's my backup solution today) I said to myself why not sharing it and see where it goes.

Since I had some user feedback that helped me to correct problems and add useful features.

I created a twitter account if you want to be notify about updates: https://twitter.com/McbHello