How does it work?

Setup only once

1 Choose a password
It'll be used to encrypt and secure your backups.
2 Choose files you want to backup
Custom exclusion filter exist: specific file or folder, file extension, regular expression.
3 Choose backup storage
Connect to one of your online storage where to store your backups.
3 Run your first backup
It may takes hours but backup occurs in background and can be cancelled and resumed.

Backup automatically

1 Find changed files
At user defined interval MultiCloudBackup scan for changed files.
2 Encrypt changed files
Each changed file is encrypted using AES 128bit locally on your computer.
3 Upload encrypted files
Each encrypted files are uploaded to your storage.

Restore on demand

3 Restore files
Choose files to restore from one of your previous backup (at a specific time).
3 Restore files from an other computer
Install MultiCloudBackup, connect to your online storage and choose files to restore.