Back up your files offsite, with full privacy
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Use free online storages to store your encrypted backup

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Available for Mac OS X 10.9+ and Windows 7+


Backup silently

Backups are automatically scheduled and run in background regularly.

Secure and private

Each backup is encrypted using AES 128bit. Contents and filenames are encrypted locally so no one can read your data on the storage. Only your password allows you to decrypt files.
A signin algorithm is used to be sure data has not been modified/corrupted.

Any storage

Use online storage to store your encrypted backups such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Hubic and SMB share. Offsite storage has the advantage to prevent data loss if something happens to your home or electronics.
Local storage is also available.

MultiCloudBackup is designed to quickly add new storage provider. New storages can be added, such as : FTP, SFTP, Adrive, Amazon s3, Microsoft oneDrive, .... Vote here to choose the next storage to add.

Combine storages

If you need more space for your backups, you can extend your backup space by adding more storages.
You can also remove one of your storage (if latest version of a file was in this storage, it will be included in next backup).

Restore specific files

Choose which files to restore from one of your backups. Or restore all your files.

Unlimited file versioning

Restore files as they were at a specific time. All versions are kept as long as there is free space in storage.

Delete old backup

You can specify a backup expiration time to keep free space for your next backups.

Standalone app

MultiCloudBackup is a standard desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X. No website login, no centralised server.
A command line version is also available.


No subscription, no hidden fee.



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